Long Key State Park,Fl

This new place is fantastic although the ride up here from Key West was a little scary due to Hansel’s driving. This park reminds me of the stories my great-grandmother, Seaweed used to tell about Florida prior to its over development by greedy humans who cared nothing about preserving the natural beauty of this beautiful state. I am calmed by the peaceful waters although I must admit It is difficult restraining myself from chasing the many varieties of birds who taunt me as I gaze hungrily out of Wanda’s window..Why does Gretel find it necessary to keep me tethered like an animal when she and Hansel are outside?.. Don’t they realize this is my adventure too…


About kendracha

Recently retired from hospice social work and now traveling with the love of my life, along with our dog Sushi who loves to blog about our adventures. Life is a grand adventure and must be enjoyed every day. It's our time to see the world...
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3 Responses to Long Key State Park,Fl

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  2. Freida's mom says:

    yeah!! why does Gretel keep Sushi inside? Afraid aa gator will get her?

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