It Takes A Village

ImageHello to all my friends and followers. We are currently at Blue Springs State Park, Fl which is located near Orange City. I know many of you have never even heard of Orange city but it is north of Orlando. This is the winter home of the (drum roll please) Magnificent Manatees who choose to winter here due to the warm waters of Blue Springs. ImageI remain in my Zen, peace loving state due to these beauties. They seem to lie suspended under water, often meandering along next to others who have wandered in out of the cold. I feel certain they know the White Pelicans from Sebastian Inlet..

Do you know the number one killer of manatees?? If you answered boats, YOU ARE WRONG..Boats and their careless owners come in at number three. The number one killer of manatees is cold weather with red tide being number two..This I learned from Cliffy the Raccoon who visited our site late last night while Hansel and Gretel were huddled under the covers hoping I wasn’t whispering with a bear. Image

I have enjoyed this park but Hansel and Gretel said it’s time to move on to new adventures. I felt a true sense of peace among the manatees and could visualize diving into the clear blue water and tucking myself in for the night between two or three of them. 

One highlight of our stay here was the reintroduction of a wounded giant back into his natural environment. It seems Alfie (my name for him) was wounded by a boat last year and has spent many months in the manatee hospital at Sea World..Those wonderful, caring people drove him all the way from Orlando today to release him.Image

This is the truck Alfie rode in to his new home.





This is where they rolled out the gray carpet for Alfie to make his journey a little softer.ImageImage



Alfie was given a fancy collar so the Manatee helpers can track his movements to ensure his safety..It seems it does take a village to protect these gentle giants..As Alfie was being lowered into the water, several other manatees swam close to welcome him home..Now I’m not a very sentimental dog but that scene brought tears to my eyes..Why can’t we all be like Manatees and go in peace??




About kendracha

Recently retired from hospice social work and now traveling with the love of my life, along with our dog Sushi who loves to blog about our adventures. Life is a grand adventure and must be enjoyed every day. It's our time to see the world...
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5 Responses to It Takes A Village

  1. freida's mom says:

    wow! what a wonderful blog entry! It seems you, Hansel and Gretel are having an experiance of a lifetime!!! So happy for you.

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