My New World

Hello again. Didn’t mean to write so soon but today is dreary and rainy so I thought I could provide some insight on what it is like living in Puff full time with Hansel and Gretel. The days are flying by as they so often do when dogs reach that “certain” age. My days so far have been spent waiting…. waiting for Hansel to wake up, prepare my delectable breakfast, and accompany me on my early morning walk while Gretel usually stays behind. Oh, there are those special mornings when she walks me but Hansel usually awakens first. She usually takes the second shift so again I spend my time waiting.

After breakfast and that glorious morning walk, its back to napping and waiting until Hansel and Gretel decide how they are going to spend their day. Gretel takes that “second shift” which I love because she allows me to sniff every little pinecone, dirt pile, and dead log to my heart’s content until I am certain there is no threat to her security. Then its back to Puff where I am left alone to guard the beast, until Hansel and Gretel return from a bike ride or a hike in the woods. Oh how I wish I could hike in the woods but it’s not meant to be due to my fear of the Armor Devils who lurk out there behind trees and bushes waiting to attack. I do enjoy my time alone with Puff however and am always on alert for those bands of evil Armor Devils who sneak out of the woods hoping to catch me unprotected. But, I sit high and mighty in Puff’s seat knowing I have his bands of fire to ward off the devils. Eventually H&G return from their adventures..

More waiting..

Lunch time..if I am lucky and cute, Hansel will toss me some of his sandwich. More looking cute so Gretel will take me for another walk..Nap time again..

More waiting..

Wow, where does the day go??? It’s now after 2pm and I spend the rest of my day waiting…. Hansel and Gretel meanwhile, have explored more of the park, read their book, done laundry, or just WAITED.I think I am really beginning to enjoy this life after Seagrove, although I do miss the cats..

More waiting..

Another walk, this time it’s free from fear for my little family is with me and I know my Hansel will fight off the Devils (or at least allow Gretel to do so)..Back to looking cute so my dinner will arrive early…MORE WAITING AND NAPPING..

I am however a dog so all my needs are met by the ones I love most. Many of you may wonder what is life like for the loves of my life, Hansel and Gretel?

“We love living in a 30 ft. RV, it is the Adventure of a Lifetime”, says Hansel, but they both agree, “it’s not for everyone”. Most of their personal items are in storage so they aren’t able to have any of the stuff they collected over the years. They have two plates, two coffee cups, two cereal bowls, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture..I only have my dog food and food bowl to carry around. Meal preparation can be a challenge for Hansel.

No dishwasher (unless you consider Gretel), no disposal, small convection oven, small counter space, small refrigerator, and little cupboard space means we have to shop for groceries which will last a week. Everything must be returned to its place immediately or the “kitchen” will become cluttered quickly.

Space is also tight in the bedroom.. Some of their clothing has to be “rolled” in order to fit in the tiny drawers. Gretel only has four pairs of shoes, oh my… The laundry basket lives in the shower which is only used when we have full hook ups. For those who have never traveled in an RV, full hook ups are a real plus. It means you can “dump the tanks” anytime you wish. Most of the parks we have visited only have electric and water which forces Hansel and Gretel to use the park restrooms. Gretel prefers the park showers because they are larger and she can use as much water as she likes. Our gray water tank (used water from shower and sink) holds about 40 gallons, black (won’t go into what this is for. But you probably get the picture) holds less. Dumping the tanks is Hansel’s job. Driving to the dump station is Gretel’s. THEY BOTH LOVE PARKS WITH FULL HOOK UPS….

Since we are traveling without a tow car (called toad in RV language), we need to shop, get haircuts, buy my food, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. when we are traveling to another park. Speaking of parks, we are only allowed to stay in a FL state park for two weeks at a time but thanks to Hansel’s advanced age, it is half price. We have been in 7 Florida State Parks since we adopted Puff on Jan 8, 2013. We have seen some fantastic sites within the park system. . Why didn’t we do this earlier???

Puff drinks a lot of diesel so Hansel gets a bank loan each time we feed Puff. He says it is worth it. Gretel buys $20.00 worth of quarters to use in the washer/dryer when she is lucky enough to have one. Many parks don’t, so the laundry sometimes fills the shower. She misses her washer and dryer but says “what else do I have to do, this is like being on an permanent vacation.”

All of our banking, bill paying, etc. is done online. We have a permanent address but it is the address of our dear friends, (Maggie’s parents) who have agreed to receive and forward our mail. We are vagabonds, gypsies, or whatever else you may want to call us…living in a traveling home, seeing places we would never have visited otherwise..


This may not be the life for everyone, but it is for us, for now…Life is a great adventure and is meant to be enjoyed..We aren’t promised tomorrow…Peace to all…


About kendracha

Recently retired from hospice social work and now traveling with the love of my life, along with our dog Sushi who loves to blog about our adventures. Life is a grand adventure and must be enjoyed every day. It's our time to see the world...
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5 Responses to My New World

  1. Sushi's Aunt K says:

    very creative on a blustery day

  2. Mike says:

    These are some great pictures. Great timing on the manatee release

  3. Freida's mom says:

    wonderful look at you and your family…the traveling Gypsies!

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