Hello again to all my friends and followers: I had planned to spend the day  sleeping and waiting…..,




But my darling Gretel alerted me to an evil natural phenomenon which is KILLING those beautiful gentle giants I met while at Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Fl.



POISON ALGAE KILLS DOZENS OF MANATEES, the headline read in the Tampa Tribune and it seem there is nothing anyone can do to solve this problem.  As of Monday, 174 manatee bodies, the victims of red-tide poisoning, have been recovered in Southwest Florida since late last summer when the bloom, scientifically known as Karenia brevis, first appeared near shore.  The previous record was 151 manatee deaths in 1996. I wasn’t around in 1996 but I can tell you, I would have been crying for my manatee friends back then.



Manatees breath in toxins just inches above the water and eat sea grass that sometimes is covered with red-tide microbes, and that make the endangered species front line victims of the algae, according to Katie Tripp of Save the Manatee Club. Red tide is like food poisoning. It causes these gentle giants to have seizures which lead to drownings.


There is hope for these babies however due to the heroic efforts of caring people who work at the three manatee hospitals in the state;,, and  Since the end of October, a dozen manatees have been rescued from the southwest coast of Florida and nursed back to health by the staff members at the Lowry Park Zoo. They are given antibiotics and comfort medicines, placed in a shallow pool where their heads are supported with flotation devices and a support person, who stays with them until the seizures pass.  I often feel powerless when I read about something so tragic because I am only able to say a prayer for these poor creatures. I plan to keep my baby close by and say lots of prayers today for my beautiful friends, The Manatees.


 Bye for now and please remember to say a prayer for the Manatees, help if you can, and hug your babies….


About kendracha

Recently retired from hospice social work and now traveling with the love of my life, along with our dog Sushi who loves to blog about our adventures. Life is a grand adventure and must be enjoyed every day. It's our time to see the world...
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  1. Marcela says:

    Beautiful pictures. Wishing you the best on your adventures and travels:)

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